What we should be writing about right now

What we should be writing about right now

This is a college composition course at New Jersey City University (NJCU) taught by Christina Katopodis. This is an online course, which can be defined a number of ways. For this particular course, we will be meeting online almost every Tuesday to discuss readings and, most importantly, "What we should be writing about right now," the unofficial title of the course. The topics will be determined by the students in the course. Suggested topics include climate change, gender, and race. Suggested readings include poems, articles and novels by authors such as June JordanAudre Lorde (see also the Audre Lorde Project), Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, and Rachel Carson, among others. Suggested viewing includes Julia Hart's and Jordan Horwitz's Fast Color (2018). We will use part of our class time on Tuesdays for optional shared writing time: to work on writing assignments and check in to discuss any questions about what we are reading and how to work on writing and communication skills. On some Thursdays we will use class time for writing workshops or individual conferences.

Photo credit: Untapped Cities by Michelle Young


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