Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual Learning Environments

Wondering how to implement a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for your classroom? You aren't alone! Join us for the next few months as we document, share and discuss our experiences of designing a VLE! Our group has started with four objectives in mind:

1.     To discuss the unique set of limitations and allowances that both the design process and the VLE present for teachers and students. 

2.    To consider the logistics of implementing a VLE  (what are some of the issues regarding IRB approval?); hosting a VLE (what server issues need to be addressed);  teaching in a VLE; and assessing and assigning classroom projects for the Virtual Environment. 

3.     To reflect on the learning curve for students as they function as avatars: 

  • What subjective and objective processes are involved in choosing an identity? (thinking about race, gender, sexuality, class, dress, body, size, human or non-human form, etc)
  • What are the challenges in navigating an avatar? (mouse and key strokes--flying, running, jumping etc)
  • What are the basic features that students should be able to master? How do we assess them as 'avatars'? What limitations should we place on their avatar design?

4.     To take into account broader issues and raise questions about access, community development/interaction, and the notion of individual agency when learning and writing in VLEs.  


With your input we hope to expand our conversation. Join us!


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