The University Worth Fighting For members

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The University of Rhode...
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Saint Louis University
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University of North...
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English Department,...
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Virginia Commonwealth...
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Smith College
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Ball State University
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Vanderbilt University
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University of Texas at...
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Vanderbilt University
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Temple University,...
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Stockholm University
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CUNY Graduate Center;...
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Rutgers University
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CUNY Graduate Center
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City University of...
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The Graduate Center,...
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Communication, Rhetoric...
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CUNY Graduate Center
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UC Santa Barbara
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University of Chicago
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Schoolcraft College
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University of Alberta
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Dartmouth College
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Cornell University
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Oregon State University
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University of Southern...
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University of Michigan,...
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The Graduate Center,...
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St. Johns University
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Brown University
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The Graduate Center, CUNY
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University of Pittsburgh...
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Oregon State University
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Saint Cloud State...
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City University of New...
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CUNY Graduate Center
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City University of New...
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Wayne State University
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Fairfield University
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Oxnard College
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The Catholic University...
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Michigan State University
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University of Alberta:...
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North Carolina State...
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Cornell University
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CUNY Graduate Center
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HASTAC & Digital...
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Queen's University...
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High Point University
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CUNY Graduate Center
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SUNY Cortland
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Pratt Institute, School...
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The Graduate Center
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Whitworth University
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The Graduate Center,...
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Temple University...