Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN) — Groups and General Inquiries

Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN) — Groups and General Inquiries

The Transcultural Islam Research Network (TIRN)  seeks to connect international scholars interested in exchanging research findings and engaging in thematic working groups on issues of importance in the Islamic world. 

TIRN is a global initiative of the Duke Islamic Studies Center (at Duke University), in partnership with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations, and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (UK). 

You must open a free HASTAC account to be able to blog, join or form groups. 

SEE: is you would like to blog or read scholar blogs. Click here to post content. Make sure to add TIRN as a tag at the bottom of the entry page. 

SEE: to join a group connected with the TIRN network. You may freely  join open groups, and may join closed groups by writing group moderators. Click here to create a group. Use the tag "TIRN" when you create a group, and search "TIRN" when looking for groups related to this project. 

SEE: (TIRN's official web site) for more information on the research network. 


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