Scholarly Voices

“Scholarly Voices” is a group that will help identify and promote undergraduate voices on HASTAC.  However, it is not a place to marginalize or isolate undergraduates.  Undergraduate students would post their blogs to the primary groups that serve as the audience for their comments, but they are also encouraged to post to “Scholarly Voices” as a way to tag the blog as being written by an undergraduate.

One advantage to undergraduates who join and post to “Scholarly Voices” is that they will be able to more easily communicate with other undergraduate; to become what one HASTAC member has described and "pixel pals."

Individuals who are interested in reading and engaging with undergraduates can also join the group so that they will be notified when an undergraduate posts to HASTAC.

“Scholarly Voices” is not a group designed to discuss undergraduate issues per se.  Instead it is a group that collects and promotes the voices of undergraduates on the wide variety of topics.


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