Postdoctoral Laborers

Postdoctoral Laborers

How and under what conditions can postdoctoral positions in the humanities be mutually beneficial to both fellows and institutions, especially when these positions are labor-intensive? This group is designed to bring together a community of North America-based postdocs in order to build support networks for ourselves and those who come after us.

The goals of this group will change over time and will be determined by the community, but some topics to spark conversation are:

  • Cross-institutional community building
  • Sharing resources and establishing best-practices for postdocs and institutions
  • Measuring & evaluating postdoctoral outcomes
  • Building institutional memory about postdoctoral labor
  • Exploitation, money, and precarious labor
  • Responding to discrimination, harrassment, and other despicable working conditions
  • Professionalization and postdocs

Please join us for this conversation.

For now this group is open to current or near-future postdoctoral fellows in the humanities, where post-doctoral is defined very loosely as a 1-3 year position designed for recent graduates of phd programs within an academic or research institution. If you think you might belong here, you probably do. (If you are a faculty member or librarian interested in learning more about hosting a postdoc, let's talk.)

If you're considering taking a postdoc this year or in the future, let's talk.



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