Pedagogy members

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Cornell University
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Warren Wilson College
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SUNY Empire State College
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HASTAC & Duke...
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University of South...
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UCSC Literature...
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CQ University
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Dartmouth College
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Portland State University
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Schoolcraft College
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University of Texas at...
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North Carolina State...
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Miami University of Ohio
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University of KwaZulu...
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Concordia University...
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University of Washington
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University of Waterloo
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University of Southern...
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York University
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University of Pittsburgh
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CRDM, North Carolina...
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Washington State...
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Cornell University
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Fordham University
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DePaul University
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Rutgers University,...
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Northern Caribbean...
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University of Southern...
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University of...
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Ocean County College
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Texas A&M University
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Monmouth College
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University of Washington
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University of Illinois...
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University of Alberta /...
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Milwaukee Institute of...
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Center for Teaching,...
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University of Minnesota
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Hope College
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San Jose State...
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University of California...
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University of Michigan,...
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Hamilton College
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University of Southern...
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San Jose State University
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University of Lugano,...
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Michigan State University
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NC State University
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Syracuse University
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Kean University and...
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UNC-Chapel Hill
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191 Tall Tree Dr NE
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University of Washington
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Lawrence University
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Teachers College,...
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University of Southern...
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St. Lawrence University
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School of Information,...
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Edith Cowan University
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Stephen F. Austin State...
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New York University
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University of South...
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CODEC, Durham University
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St. Johns University
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The University of Texas...
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University of Illinois...
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Harrisburg University of...
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Emory University
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Cornell University
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University of Texas at...
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California State...
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Initiative for Digital...
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University of...
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Wire Stone
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University of Utah
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Vanderbilt University
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Carlow University
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Emory University
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University of California...
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Royal Roads University
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Moravian Church, Self-...
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Michigan State University
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Yale University
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Virginia Commonwealth...
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Simmons University
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The College of Saint Rose
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GSLIS, University of...
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University of Granada (...
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Southern New Hampshire...
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St. John Fisher College
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The Cooper Union
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SUNY Cortland
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Michigan State University
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University of Iowa
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Bryn Mawr College
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Denison University
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Bucknell University
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Northwestern University
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Mount Saint Mary College
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The University of...
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The University of Alabama
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Fitchburg State...
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University of Pittsburgh
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Sacred Heart Greenwich
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Northwestern University
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Louisiana State...
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University of Wisconsin-...
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Concordia University
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Harvard University
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Beloit College
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Stanford University
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University of Utah
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Yale University
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McKendree University
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University of Pittsburgh
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Wayne State University