Ocelot Scholars

OcelotThe group serves as a common area where students and colleagues can discuss the future of thinking, learning, and teaching at Schoolcraft College.

Through blogs, comments, and utilizing other HASTAC resources, members of the Ocelot Scholars group are particilarly interested in addressing the question of "What happens when we stop privileging traditional ways of organizing knowledge (by fields, disciplines, and majors or minors) and turn attention instead to alternative modes of creating, innovating, and critiquing that better address the interconnected, interactive global nature of knowledge today, both in the classroom and beyond?"  Instead of proposing theorectical answers to this question, members of the group will focus on implementing change at Schoolcraft College.

The Ocelot Scholars Group is not limited to individuals who are enrolled or work for Schoolcraft College, a community college located in Livonia, Michigan.  Although Schoolcaft serves as a primary audience for the group, others are welcome to join in discussions on how to best foster creative uses of technology to advance learning across disciplines.


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