New Media and Social Movements

New Media and Social Movements

Over the past decade, the growth of new media has been recognized and embraced by many social movements such as the labor movement and the international movement for human rights.  From the growth of alternative social networking sites like "UnionBook" to the explosion in indy-media formats, digital technology has become part of the movement organizer's essential tools.  As non-profit and activist groups are reaching larger sections of the population through the development of websites, internet radio shows, and web forums, it is essential that those who are interested in both social justice and new media emphasize where these two areas intersect. 

On November 18th, LabourStart--an international trade union website featuring daily labor news from around the world--will host it's annual conference in Istanbul.   The theme will be: "From Social Networks to Social Revolutions."  This group will follow the development of events such as this along with the myriad ways in which social movements are using digital technology to create a more humane and equitable world.  




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