A Look at MOOCs

A Look at MOOCs

This group is for those interested in discussing trends around MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). This can include, but isn't limited to questions such as:

  • Will MOOCs tranform higher ed?
  • How can they?
  • What effective pedagogies can be translated to MOOCs?
  • What new pedagogies are required?
  • Which platforms work the best?
  • What are the pros and cons of MOOCs?
  • What aspects of MOOCs should be critically examined?
  • What aspects of MOOCs need to change?

We welcome anyone who has an interest in online teaching -- and please feel free to post to the group!

You can also visit HASTAC's MOOC HQ and contact hilary[dot]culbertson[at]duke[dot]edu with suggestions of content to add (it can be on hastac.org or anywhere on the web).


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