Knowledge: creation, consumption, management


Great to be on board. I'm Naveen, currently based in TU Delft (Netherlands). I'm interested to discuss and find out more about humanity's relationship and interactions with knowledge. Without going so far as to fundamentally question the epistemology of our knowledge, I want to know how we value and work with our knowledge and how we can improve our access and our understanding of knowledge.

Let me put it in context. Shortly before 0 AD, the Library of Alexandria, the greatest repository of knowledge in ancient times was destroyed. That loss of knowledge is pretty much incalculable - and who's to say we didn't spend the next few centuries learning things already discovered and discussed again as if for the first time. Now, we have the Internet as one possible store of knowledge, and say institutions like the Library of Congress. But are they really that much safer - are we not vulnerable to another Library of Alexandria anymore? How can we ensure humanity's knowledge is kept safe in the decades and centuries to come.


More importantly, how can we - in designing such an "ark", for lack of a better word, engineer a better interaction with knowledge? Even today, Wikipedia is accessible to millions, with its extensive knowledge about hundreds of thousands of things in tens of languages. But is our consumption of it ideal - are we using the knowledge ideally? It's ok if we dont know what we haven't discovered yet, but it's a shame if we are ignorant of the things that humanity has already catalogued! Can we find a more efficient way to disseminate information. This isn't a (pure) educational challenge - in other words you don't need to be formally trained in F1 racing to enjoy watching it.


Looking forward to your input.


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