Interactive Campus Map

Interactive Campus Map

The Duke University online campus map is the result of a unique collaboration between the seven undergraduate seniors of the 2005 Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS) 200 Research Capstone course and several members of the Duke University facilities and administration community. In January 2005, the ISIS 200 instructors, Casey Alt and Jessica Mitchell, assigned the interdisciplinary group of students the task of building a new online map for Duke, based upon actual project documents from an internal Duke needs assessment. The instructors designed the course to simulate a small technology startup company in which the students were the startup staff, the Duke facilities and administration officials were their clients, and the course instructors were executive oversight. Within this structure, the students were given responsibility for the entire design and development process: designing the entire technology infrastructure and interface for the map, determining the project schedule for the map development, assigning team duties and project management roles, creating a project budget, integrating campus geographic and resource data from disparate University offices, and presenting and justifying design decisions to the Duke clients. The design was so successfully received that Duke asked them to further develop the map as an enterprise-wide campus map that was launched in August 2005.



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