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The is the most complete guide on Hotmail(Outlook) you can find on the internet. Hotmail login, Create a Hotmail account and All email support.

With the advent of the war Outlook - Hotmail Sign in Mail back born in the mid 90′s, personal email services and free internet already have a long history. However, in recent years have made great improvements for a boom social networks, competition but the recent arrival of outlook, replaces the classic Hotmail, revives the fight between the leaders of the field.

About Hotmail Sign In account

Since June 1996 and acquired by Microsoft in late 1997, Hotmail pioneered its kind, was quickly a success and since then a reference, about the time that the company founded by Bill Gates acquired Hotmail, plunged into the market Yahoo! mail, one of the precursors, appears finally in 2004 and Google Gmail, Gmail offered a gigabyte impressive ability to save messages coming from the search engine company, ComScore data show that Hotmail is first with 324 million users, while the rest is shared between Yahoo and Gmail, the business is in the ads that appear in your inbox and read messages. In recent years webmail services should defend social networks is sure if Google responds to Microsoft’s move and possibly Yahoo, the Battle of the mail has started.

In August 2012, Microsoft brought a new innovation that is gradually eliminating Hotmail and the welcome of The redesign of the email service from Microsoft is to replace the old function known Hotmail. It replaces Hotmail with a new cleaner and intuitive interface, unlimited storage via Skydrive and so you can connect with social networks.

Four Steps for or Sign In

  1. To sign in Outlook, the first thing you do is enter into, and click on Register Now, at the bottom of the screen.
  2. It will open a form where we have to enter your personal data, the name chosen for our new email account and password to log into the same Outlook.
  3. You also requested a phone number to validate user identity in a case the account is blocked or stolen.
  4. And The final step is to accept the terms and conditions of use of Outlook, and finally a captcha to verify that we are real people,Now, we have registered to, and you can press the button to accept.
  5. Will be automatically redirected to our new and then modern Inbox.

If you need any tips about the outlook sign in and Sign up read it MSN Hotmail Login Tips

Outlook has a flirtatious interface and we can start sending emails, sharing photos and files or share content on Facebook, Twitter.


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