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HASTAC@Duke serves to connect and amplify the innovative work and research happening across Duke throughout the HASTAC network. This means broadcasting, connecting, and networking Duke's contributions to interdisciplinary pedagogy and scholarship to HASTAC's 13,000+ member network dedicated to "Changing the Way We Teach and Learn." As the world's first and oldest academic social network and interactive open learning community, HASTAC provides resources and opportunities for scholars in the Duke community, such as connecting Duke graduate students, including the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge Scholars, to be part of a larger network of like-minded collaborators. 

Because of their overlapping interest in rethinking the way we teach, learn and research with new technologies, HASTAC@Duke and the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Insittute (FHI) often partner on projects and programming. HASTAC@Duke offers local events that are livestreamed and connected to the HASTAC network, provides a platform for collaboration between interdisciplinary groups at Duke, and acts as a communications and media outlet in service of activities across Duke. Our team also works with the Franklin Humanities Institute to provide an online infrastructure for new collaborations both within Duke and with partners outside of Duke. 

Working closely with the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, HASTAC@Duke connects PhD Lab Scholars with the HASTAC Scholars program, and provides opportunities for presenting at HASTAC conferences, engaging in collaborative projects with scholars outside of Duke, and finding job opportunities in digital humanities. HASTAC is able to offer local Duke scholars a platform to present their work publicly, get feedback from other academic scholars in their field, and find others to collaborate with on future projects.



The PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at the Franklin Humanities Institute provides an arena for PhD and MFA students involved with the humanities and interpretive social sciences to learn about new digital scholarship, engage with its challenges, and see its promise for their own research and professional lives within or outside the university. 

Innovations in the digital, informational, and computational fields are generating new forms of pedagogy and shaping novel modes of scholarship.  They are widening our collaborative communities and expanding the publics with whom PhD candidates will engage.  In the PhD Lab, we seek to balance the practical and the conceptual by allowing participants to prototype projects and receive peer feedback to enrich their understanding of the potential of digital scholarship.


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