Welcome to the group for HASTAC @ ASU. HASTAC is a virtual, global organization changing how we teach and learn with members located all over the world, including at Arizona State University. HASTAC @ ASU is located within the Institute for Humanities Research and Nexus Digital Research Co-op community. This group is one of the many ways HASTAC @ ASU organizes and collects our people and the amazing things they do. We are glad you’re here.  

The Institute for Humanities Research

The IHR supports scholarship exploring human thought, expression and experience, and addressing many of the central challenges facing all of us. The IHR encourages ASU humanities scholars within their disciplines and in collaboration with scientists, social scientists, artists and others as they advance research that makes a difference in the world.

Nexus Digital Research Co-op

The Nexus Digital Research Co-op As  is a voluntary association of researchers at all levels who are interested in doing digital research (method) or research on the digital (subject).

As part of the Nexus Co-op, we create and maintain a sustainable communal structure through digital research and resource sharing that promotes community development, value collaborative research and creative work, and emphasize mutual care and distributed expertise. The particular research and creative work done within Nexus depends on co-op members, but all work will either have a digital methodological or topical component (it needs not be entirely digital in either respect).



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