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HASTAC 2016 – Impact: Variation, Innovation, Action

Striving for Impact: How can interdisciplinary research in humanities, arts, and technology have greater exchange with public and non-academic communities? 

HASTAC's 2016 conference seeks to emphasize and encourage broader conversations about the past, current, and potential impact of interdisciplinary work in research and education. What new institutional or research configurations are available, or urgently necessary?

HASTAC 2016 will investigate collectively the potential for new work, and also encourages participants to engage ways that collaborative teams might use channels beyond academic publication to impact local communities, national conversations, or worldwide systems.
#HASTAC16 Site hastac2016.org // #HASTAC16 Schedule: hastac2016.sched.org

HASTAC 2016 Sponsors

Arizona Science Foundation 
ASU Center for Science and Imagination 
ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities
ASU Department of English
ASU Lightworks 
GitHub Education 
Institute for Humanities Research 
MLA Connected Academics
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GitHub Scholarships

We are happy to now offer discounted or free conference registration for HASTAC 2016 through the generous sponsorship of GitHub education.
For more information about receiving special registration rate, please email Michael Simeone at michael.simeone@asu.edu. Read more about GitHub Scholarships.


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