Fembot Collective

Fembot Collective

The Fembot Collective is a scholarly collaboration promoting research on gender, media, and technology. We envision a new model for open access, multimodal publishing that will provide a prototype for collaborative research, publication, and pedagogy in the humanities and social sciences.

We publish:

  1. Ada, Journal of New Media, Gender and Technology: an open access publication http://fembotcollective.org/journal/
  2. Laundry Day: short, teachable bits of feminist media criticism on contemporary culture for general audience. Our goal is to feature a new LD as often as we can find contributors.
  3. Books Aren’t Dead will be a series of monthly interviews (podcasts) with authors of recent feminist books on new media, science, and technology.

Your participation is key! See how you can get involved here.

The Group will be gently moderated by Jacqueline Wallace, 2013 HASTAC Scholar and Fembot Advisory Board member. Drop me a line anytime!


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