Environmental Humanities and Eco-Critical DH

Environmental Humanities and Eco-Critical DH

Questions we might explore together include:

How can we, as instructors and researchers, be more conscious of the environmental-material footprint of our digital (humanities) tools? How can we infuse digital practice writ large with a greater awareness of its environmental impact? From mineral mines and digital ‘ecological rucksacks’ to ‘embedded energy’ to e-waste, the eco-footprint of our devices and digital infrastructure is rather monumental.

How can we, again as instructors and researchers, integrate environmentally material narratives into our DH and digital practice?

How can we start thinking more ‘materially’ about computation? If we, for instance, start thinking more about the carbon footprint of a single spam email or single Google search (see Gabrys for the specific stats) and then about the accumulated sum total of, say, a year’s worth of searching and spamming, can this help develop a new material relationship with our digital practice?

How can we use our humanities tools to think about the intersections of technology, the environment, and the human?

How can environmental thinking contribute to the greater goals of our work in the humanities?

How can we use DH to explore environmental justice and environmental 'realities'?

How can we use DH to explore the complex relationships between the human and the environment?



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