Digital Humanities at the University of Maine

Digital Humanities at the University of Maine

The University of Maine Humanities Initiative, housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, seeks to strengthen the humanities at the University of Maine, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, promote the relevance of humanities scholarship to teaching, research, and public policy, and build partnerships with other institutions in Maine and the region.  The humanities play a central role in a liberal arts education whose mission is to explore, interpret, and discuss the ideas, creative works, and cultural accomplishments of human beings and their societies.  A flourishing society requires citizens who are literate, historically informed, ethically engaged, and socially aware.  The skills and knowledge developed through research and participation in the humanities are foundational to the economic, cultural, and political strength of our communities.

The University of Maine Humanities Initiative promotes the cultivation of cultural knowledge and creativity, intellectual curiosity, and critical reflection, and provides an intellectual locus for discussions between researchers, students, and members of the Maine community.  The Initiative supports opportunities for humanities research, publication, programming, and K-12 student and teacher engagement.

What is (are) the digital humanities? In addition to thinking about what DH is or are, the University of Maine Humanities Initiative is dedicated to building a humanities infrastructure which promotes, educates, and innovates various matters of DH through our affiliated projects, symposia, and speaker series.


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