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The New School
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The University of Texas...
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The New School for...
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University of Iowa
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Queen's University...
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University of Maryland,...
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Grinnell College
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The New School for...
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University of New Orleans
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University of California...
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HASTAC & Duke...
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Schoolcraft College
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Kenyon College
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Zane State College
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Miami University of Ohio
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University of Washington
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North Carolina State...
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Seattle Central College
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Grinnell College
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Cornell University
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York University
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Simon Fraser University
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University of Maryland...
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Cornell University
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Teachers College,...
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Emory University
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DePaul University
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Washington University in...
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University of...
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PK-12 Education
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The University of North...
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Indiana University...
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Monmouth College
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Los Alamos National...
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Hope College
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University of Nebraska...
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Massachusetts Historical...
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Monmouth University
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University of Pittsburgh...
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This Bridge Called...
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Indiana University
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University of California...
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Columbia University
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Temple University
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University of Texas at...
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Lawrence University
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The New School for...
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Duke University
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Italian Art Society
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Department of History,...
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University of South...
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Utah State University
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University of California
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University of Mary...
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Stanford University
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North Carolina State...
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Queen's University...
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Rust College
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Knox College
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Rosemont College
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Northeastern University
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Cornell University
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Hamilton College
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Duke University
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HASTAC & Digital...
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Queen's University...
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Yale University
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Chapman University
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Bonneville Communications
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Syracuse University
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Claremont Colleges...
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Wayne State University
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Ohio State University
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University of Iowa
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University of Aberdeen
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The University of...
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Master's of Science...
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Duke University
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University of Central...
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Brown University
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Marshall University
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CLIR/Mellon at UT Austin
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The College of Wooster
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Sacred Heart Greenwich
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Chapman University
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Harvard University
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Beloit College
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CUNY, The Graduate Center
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University of Pittsburgh
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George Mason University
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St. Francis College
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Yale University
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Duke University
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Lichtenberg-Kolleg - the...
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University of Pittsburgh