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Digital History


The goal of the Digital History Group is to bring together members of the HASTAC community who are interested in utilizing emerging digital tools for the study of the past.

The idea of "Digital History" has been around for a while. New sites affiliated with History Departments at universities across the U.S. and around the world keep popping up.  Several historians maintain excellent blogs and websites. Most importantly, a multitude of digital tools have inspired new ways of thinking about the past. For example, computer programs for visualizing terms, texts and data more generally, are changing the ways history can be written and communicated. Interactive mapping projects allow historians to see data spread across geographic space and thus draw innovative conclusions about the past. These changes have also inspired new practices in the field; collaborative labs are themselves products of the globalizing turn in the historical profession. What does the rapidly changing academic environment mean for the field of history--the practice of historical research, writing, teaching, and public engagement? The HASTAC Digital History Group will help us to navigate this rapidly evolving terrain and to share ideas for our own research. This group is open to everyone and we welcome your participation. 

The Digital History Group began in the fall of 2012 with the goal of bringing together members of the HASTAC community who are interested in using digital tools to study the past. Over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year, the group grew to 67 members who collaborated to produce two blog series. The first, Digital History: A Two Part Series (Fall 2012) focused on presenting “Digital Tools for the Historian” and practices in “Pedagogy, Public History and the Professional Environment.”  The second event, “The Spring Spotlights Series” put professional digital historians and other scholars in conversation with each other. This digital form of an academic conference consisted of five panels, each with three to four initiatives. A member of the Digital History group also wrote an official response to each panel.

After a successful first year, the Digital History group is geared to stimulate even more discussion. We’re focused on providing the HASTAC community with information on events and academic work relevant to the field of history. Come join us!


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