Digital Gazetteer of Song Dynasty China v.1.1

Digital Gazetteer of Song Dynasty China v.1.1

Ruth Mostern and Elijah Meeks, “Digital Gazetteer of Song Dynasty China v.1.1” (2010)

The Digital Gazetteer of the Song Dynasty is a georeferenced database of medieval Chinese political geography.

The database covers administrative and demographic changes during the Song (10th - 13th century CE) with special attention spent on representing the ambiguous and asymmetrical nature of historical change.

Places are represented not as single entries but rather collections of attributes clustered around historical instances of a single entity. While this nuanced method of representing place can be flattened to deal with the historical GIS questions typically associated with this kind of data, it also allows scholars to investigate more theoretically complex questions of place and event.

The database has already been used along with traditional historical scholarship in the production of Ruth Mostern's "Dividing the Realm in Order to Govern: The Spatial Organization of the Song State" and is currently being used in conjunction with historical environmental data in the study of the effect of the Yellow River on Chinese history.  The full database, as well as representative shapefiles, can be downloaded at the website.



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