Curious Parents

Curious Parents

In conversation with Howard Rheingold, I was advised that in many cultures (including middle America) such a vallue is revolutionary. Mission: joyfully make it the norm especially wherever we collaborate around open education and such values as massive open online collaboration . Lets also collect resources of Curious Parents - eg Howard's   Note on image: my father's boigraphy of the father of open computing John Von Neumann clarified the eforts John's parents took to celebrate his curiosity as a child as an integral part of adult conversations, and in the context of Budapest while it was as civilised communally as any capital city has joyfully been. Today George Spros is rebranding Budapest as his favotite epicentre of Open Society, rethink economics from community up - with the Central European University. June witnessed the celebration of education entrepreneurial revolutionaries- Sir Fazle Abed of and Paul Farmer of Boston's Partners in Health. Curiosity was also the hallark of my father's life works at The Economist on Entrepreneurial Revolution and pro-youth economics as you can see at his online archives


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