Complex Data & Collaboration

Complex Data & Collaboration

HASTAC is inviting anyone interested in cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional research and those who are interested in discussing the analysis of big, complex (and sometimes messy) data, especially in academic and / or collaborative settings, to continue the discussion here.

The National Science Foundation awarded HASTAC the EAGER grant to allow for extensive data mining of HASTAC data. The website includes over 200MB in SQL tables with the individual and institutional information of scholars. HASTAC is also an academic social network site and the data allows for various forms of visualization, text, spatial, and content analysis. We are now completing the first year of the grant and we would like to share the preliminary results of the project “Assessing the Impact of Technology-Aided Participation and Mentoring on Transformative Interdisciplinary Research: A Data-Based Study of the Incentives and Success of an Exemplar Academic Network.”

Together with researchers from the U.S. and abroad, we recently held a workshop to discuss the use of computational analysis, data extraction, and social networking analysis to investigate the interplay between scholarly communication and academic networks. This workshop was sponsored by HASTAC, the NSF EAGER grant team, and the Duke University PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge.

Please see the informational page for the original workshop here.


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