COLT 18.02 "Humanist in the Computer: DH and Social Justice" (Dartmouth)

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Greetings! As a class, we will publish our blog post in this group within to participate in a large active and activist think tank for the digital humanities. This "group" is a way for us, as a class unit, to signal that we are responding primarily to one another and to our own set of inquiries that accord with our course learning objectives and syllabus. We welcome other hastac members who want to join our discussion. I encourage you to read widely within and engage in other discussions you find here in this energetic and friendly community of students, researchers, and teachers who are all concerned with issues relating to the digital humanities and education, broadly speaking. If you have questions or concerns, speak with me directly or over email and I will help you. For questions about our course, see our course website.

Dr. Kirstyn Leuner (Dartmouth College)


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