Collaboration Nation: Let's Make Something

Digital space provides an opportunity to construct new, creative techniques and material. With sites like and free programming like Audacity and Fruity Loops, nearly any one can experiment with sound composition. Likewise, poets are not bound within a region but can readily share, peer review and collaborate. 

There are two goals of Collaboration Nation: Let's Make Something. Members are welcome to partake in one or both. 

          1) Share or acquire electronic music knowledge in order to build one track with member contributions. This track may or may not tell a sound story based on goal #2.

          2) Write two-four poetic lines a week following an established form (or lack thereof) and topic.

I have experience in electronic music composition and poetics. As such, I volunteer to edit each piece together. The finished music work will be posted to and shared with the HASTAC community. 


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