ChinaVine's mission is to educate English-speaking/read children, youth, and adults about the material and intangible culture of China.

This mission is achieved through the interactive website,, along with a variety of social media platforms. ChinaVine established its name based on the fluid, ever changing and winding ways of culture. You are invited to join ChinaVine in contributing to its mission by interacting with ChinaVine.orgVineOnline and following out interpretation of China's cultural hertiage through multiple social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Tudou, and Sina

The scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students contributing to ChinaVine are associated with the fields of folklose, art, the humanities education, linguistics, and cultural policy among others in the US and China. Contributors are associated with the University of Oregon, the University of Central Florida, Shandong University of Art and Design, Beijing Normal, The Ohio State University, and The University of Maine among other institutions. Independent scholars also contribute to the project. 



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