Arts/Ventures, a grant program for undergraduate students initiated by Duke Performances and the Pratt School of Engineering, encouraged arts students to team up with students in engineering and the sciences as well as to incorporate appropriate technology into their projects. Public performances of the first two Arts/Ventures student projects took place at the end of MAY 2005: 1) For the multimedia event, "Elephant Pink and the Clockwork Kimono," a team of students from the art department collaborated with students from the Duke Robotics Club, along with students who composed and mixed digital sound tracks. Out of a Butoh-inspired centerpiece construction with a robotic-like figure at the top emerged , a stream of models wearing exquisite, hand-made costumes paraded down the runway and interacted with audience members before resuming their march back into the centerpiece figure 2) a collaboration between a Trinity senior and four Pratt School freshmen, all interested in the science of the voice and the recording process produced a 20-minute original musical composition entitled "Headlines," scored for multiple background voices, solo voice and spoken text, with recording-based instructions.



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