Cover of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Katina L. Rogers

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Collaborative Book Discussion of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Dr. Katina Rogers

Over the past few months, I’ve had the honor of co-coordinating HASTAC Scholars’ collaborative book discussion on Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Katina Rogers. This collaborative project began in September with an open call to current HASTAC Scholars seeking interest in reading and reviewing Rogers’ work. Over the following months, HASTAC Scholars engaged with Rogers’ work in several capacities - some selected chapters to review, some interviewed Dr. Rogers, and almost all contributed peer review feedback throughout the process.

Welcome New HASTAC Scholars

Welcome New HASTAC Scholars

December 4 2020
Free RSVP Join HASTAC Co-Directors Adashima Oyo and FI Fellow Shaun Lin in an introductory Digital Friday to welcome the new cohort of HASTAC Scholars. They will discuss the benefits of HASTAC Scholars and upcoming opportunities. They will also answer any questions Scholars have about the program...