At the Interface of Everything

A rare conversation across domains among digital visionaries.


Anne Balsamo, Technohumanist, Institute for Multimedia Literacy and the Collaboratory for Technology and Culture, University of Southern California

Interface of Everything

A downloadable version is available on iTunes U


  • Rebecca Allen, UCLA, new media design, universal access
  • Ruzena Bajcsy, UC-Berkeley, tele-immersive environments
  • James Boyle, Duke University Law School, creative commons, science commons, open source
  • Rachael Brady, Duke University, scientific visualization
  • John Seely Brown, Former Xerox Chief Scientist and Director, Xerox PARC, radical innovation
  • Jonathon Cummings, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, distributed research teams, collaboration
  • Dan Connolly, MIT, W3C technical architecture
  • Anna Everett, UC-Santa Barbara, media and race theory
  • Kevin Franklin, UC Humanities Research Institute, global access grid
  • Lev Manovich, UC-San Diego, new media art and theory
  • Fred Stutzman, UNC-Chapel Hill, social networks research
  • Douglas Thomas, USC, cultural studies and conceptual blending