The Future of Art in a Digital Age

Visual, sound, and multimedia artists (whose work will be performed or shown throughout the conference) address the problems and potentials of making art in a technological age.

Session Chair: Kristine Stiles, Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies, Duke University.


Electronic Techtonics Conference Electronic Techtonics Conference

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Anya Belkina, Visual Artist, Rumi, Duke University

J-Bully (a.k.a. Robi Roberts), Rapper, MiX TAPEStry, Duke University

Ren Garcia, VJ, Video artist University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Suguru Goto, Bodysuit, Robotic Music, Visiting Artist, Ohio University

Scott Lindroth, Composer, Rumi, MiX TAPEstry, Duke University

Mendi + Keith Obadike, Music, Live Art, Conceptual Internet Art, Princeton University and William Paterson University