"Twilight of a Neighborhood" in Crossroads

"Twilight of a Neighborhood" in Crossroads

The Summer-Fall 2010 issue of Crossroads: A Publication fo the North Carolina Humanities Council featured "Twlight of the Neighborhood."

" "Twilight of a neighborhood: Asheville’s East End, 1970,” was a multi-faceted public humanities project funded in part by the north Carolina Humanities Council. it was organized around Andrea Clark’s powerful photographs which explore the community’s life before and after the impact of urban renewal there. The discussions and interviews of the “Twilight of a neighborhood” project revealed a wide array of viewpoints that often contradicted each other and signaled that the history of urban renewal is complex and shaded. Among the factors that influenced responses were race, age, gender, and class. The project helped energize an emerging movement of concerned Asheville citizens who believe that their culture and history will shape how they live in the present and define the future."

The issue featured photographs, maps of Asheville, and articles about urban renewal, including articles by prominent Asheville community members, such as Priscilla Ndiaye, Chair of the Southside Community Advisory Board and Karen Loughmiller of the West Branch Asheville Library.

The full PDF of the issue is available here: http://nchumanities.org/sites/default/files/documents/Crossroads%20Summer%202010%20for%20web.pdf

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