Thoughts on the Future of Higher Education by James L. Morrison

James L. Morrison, Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has shared several resources with the HASTAC community related to his work with innovation and change in higher education. Please follow the links below for videos on higher ed in transition, the future of higher ed, and 

His synopses for the videos are:

Higher Education in Transition

Higher education is in a major transition period that will fundamentally change the way colleges and universities will conduct their business in the coming decades. Although change in social institutions is seldom rapid, the combined forces of demography, globalization, economic restructuring, and information technology are forcing colleges to reconceptualize their markets, organizational structures, and pedagogical practices. This presentation focused on the impact of these forces on American and Malaysian higher education.

The Future of Higher Education

This video is an interview of James Morrison, Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership, UNC-Chapel Hill on his view of what higher education will look like as we proceed in the 21st Century.

The Challenges Faced by Community College Leaders in Preparing for the Future

We live in an age of future shock. Globalization, economic restructuring, advances in information technology, shifting demographics, the need for more (and differently) educated workers, including reskilling displaced workers, and increasing competition for traditional and emerging education providers means that community college leaders are faced with a future that will be different from the present. These videos portray an interactive session focused on the results of an environmental scan that indicates how these forces might play out, the challenges that they pose for community college leaders, and how leaders at Houston Community College can address these challenges.

Education 2018

This presentation focuses on the results of an environmental scan with implications for the future of higher education in the United States.

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As the reality of the unaffordability of higher education continues to dominate higher planning what are the transiton paths for middle age faculty to the new models being discussed?

Publishing MOOC courses on edX?  Do they send resumes to FutureED U?