The State of Black Asheville

The State of Black Asheville

This article, "The State of Black Asheville", was published on Urban News on October 12, 2011.

"Members of the Asheville community assembled in Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church to hear some long-awaited news regarding the statistics released by the Census Bureau. Drs. Dwight and Dollie Mullen, both political science professors at UNC Asheville, gave a detailed account of the statistical information and about rising poverty rate in our community. The news was anticipated, although not unexpected.

“If we have only weak job creation now—after the official end of the recession,” Dr. Dwight Mullen said, “we perhaps may see a weak or jobless recovery. If so, the black poverty rate will continue to increase indefinitely. Looking beyond the recession, the question to ask is: will we see strong job creation? Will the black community have accessibility to jobs? The number one priority in fighting black poverty must be the creation of jobs with good wages, and eliminating job discrimination. Racial discrimination is still an obstacle to black economic success,” concluded Mullen."

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