Poster Session 11: The Football Scholars Forum

The Football Scholars Forum – An Online Community of Humanists Studying Soccer

The Football Scholars Forum began as an academic book club that met monthly online to discuss recent works in soccer scholarship. A year and a half later, authors, professors, graduate students, and journalists with a variety of interests and backgrounds are using the web to collaborate in individual and collective research projects from around the world. FSF uses tools like Zotero, Omeka, Skype, and its website to share research and build an academic directory and community of scholars.

The Football Scholars Forum is a web platform for scholars who study the world's most popular game. The group brings together authors, professors, graduate students, and journalists. The community meets over Skype to discuss books, articles, films, and teaching while also collecting research and teaching tools. Their resources include a syllabi repository, film database, and they make all of their recordings available online. has grown to include many of the top scholars in the field but is welcoming of anyone with an interest in the game. Please visit the site and send any questions or comments about the project to

Alex Galarza, Michigan State University
Peter Alegi, Michigan State University





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