MentorMob reports on badges at DML2013

MentorMob reports on badges at DML2013

Charles Perry wrote an excellent write-up about badging, badges, badge system design, and the people and projects who love badges:

"...I trolled the hallways, lecture halls, and coffee bars at the three day 2013 DML Conference inside the downtown Chicago Sheridan Hotel...Here are some of the projects I learned about that make me so excited I could spontaneously combust."

  • MentorMob & Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana are teaching girls how to build Android Apps, then giving them the chance to show off their new skills by adding digital badges to a digital sash. It’s a project I’m tickled to be a part of.
  • The HIVE Learning Network is connecting all the learning institutions within cities (museums, libraries, universities, and more) and facilitating hands-on, interest-driven educational projects like Chicago’s Summer of Learning.
  • The indefatigable Todd Edebohls and his team at Inside Jobs are helping high school students select learning and career pathways that correspond to their interests. Imagine! Kids preparing for a career they’ll be good at and like doing!
  • NASA wants to get you hooked on space games. And they will.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs is going to be serving even more young veterans returning from war zones this year. And potential employers have GOT to be educated on how military training translates to civilian skills. (Because they do!)
  • Youtopia is making it easy and fun to get rewarded for giving back—and to show off how much better you are than your coworkers.
  • Sweet Water Organics is teaching kids about everything from sustainability to biology—all while they’re up and about and moving around. (Which is how kids learn best, wouldn’t you say?)
  • Design for America at Northwestern University is exposing the Human Centered Design process to college students, which is how things that are easy and fun for humans to use get built.
  • BuzzMath is the new Math Blasters. Its design is so friendly it makes this English Literature Major want to give numbers another chance.
  • Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Student Network not only boasts an intricate leveling badge system—Ross Higashi and Sam Abramovich have already published research on it. Talk about being ahead of the power curve.
  • Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair is motivating a new generation of kids to become the problem solving scientists we need.


Love the cross post! Glad the conference summary was helpful. Wish we could do one every year!

I have been arguing for over a year now that we need to create badges students at my public community college may "earn" and then share with friends through some sort of social media. . . .I believe fully in this model and applaud the work here!