Learning Assessment with Daniel Hickey - DML Badges webinar

Learning Assessment with Daniel Hickey - DML Badges webinar

The MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning program has asked Dan Hickey of Indiana University to support, enhance, and document the work and impact of grantees and the initiative. Dan studies assessment, motivation, and evaluation methods, mostly concerning technology-based environments. He is particularly concerned with the implications of newer social theories of learning for assessment, motivation, and evaluation.  

Dan and his team work with HASTAC and Mozilla on three strands of research. The first is reviewing and reframing the relevant research literature in these three areas.

  1. This helps awardees build on existing research and ensure that the insights that emerge from the initiative are taken up more broadly.  

  2. The second strand helps clarify the design rationale behind systems for issuing badges and the design principles for using those systems to create and award badges.  This will help ensure that the new knowledge about badging systems and practices is well documented so that it can be easily used and shared.  

  3. The third strand of work will be documenting each awardee’s intentions at the start of their projects, how those intentions were enacted, the learning outcomes that resulted, and future plans.  This will help awardees and DML document overall impact, keep track of progress, anticipate future needs, prepare for future DML initiatives, and help awardees seek further support.

Thanks to Dan for his discussion and thanks to Ruby for pulling us through technical difficulties at the beginning of the webinar!


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