Google Doc for Questions for Hangout with Doris Sommer and Howard Rheingold

For the Google Hangout today, please post your questions here:


Duke-Stanford-UCSB FutureEd ft Profs Doris Sommer and Howard Rheingold

As part of the HASTAC FutureEd Initiative, Cathy N. Davidson, Christopher Newfield and David Palumbo-Liu are coordinating their face-to-face courses at, respectively, Duke University, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford University. This is the fourth of four Google Hangouts for the three courses to connect and discuss the future of higher education. This hangout will feature special guests Professor Doris Sommer of Harvard University and Professor Howard Rheingold of Stanford University. Readings will include Sommer's "Pre-Texts Project" ( and Rheingold's book "Net Smart." 

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