Digital Badges: The Great Equalizer?

Digital Badges: The Great Equalizer via Lydia Dobyns of HuffPo: 


It's time to "blow-up" our antiquated college admissions process. The archaic ritual of getting into college by SAT/ACT scores and GPAs has outlived its usefulness. We need to take drastic action if for no other reason than to recognize the crisis we have with students who score well enough on the SAT/ACT to be admitted to colleges, only to fail to graduate once they begin a post-secondary education. We need to replace the current system with one that measures mastery of knowledge AND skills, and is accessible to all.

Let's swap out the one-dimensional process (grades and test scores) and introduce relevancy and readiness. It's time to create a process that is fair and equitable for all students, whether they live in rural Indiana or urban New York. We need to introduce an effective and independent methodology that is relevant.

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