Can We Move Beyond the MOOC to Reclaim Open Learning? by Anya Kamenetz, Huffington Post

On June 18, Anya Kamenetz asked in the Huffington Post, Can We Move Beyond the MOOC to Reclaim Open Learning? She invites answers -- winners will receive a prize and present at a summit at UC Irvine. Read more:
We're trying to find out:
What are independent learners and innovative teachers doing now that deserves support, recognition, and scaling up?
How can colleges and universities engage with the social, participatory, and open learning ecology of the Internet in ways that go beyond making, using, or resisting xMOOCs?
What kinds of infrastructures, policies, and business models can support more participatory and peer-based forms of post-secondary learning?
What kind of programs and platforms could meld the grassroots capacity and peer-based learning of the net with the knowledge, expertise, and credibility of institutionalized research and education?
If you think you have an answer to these questions, or you just want to talk to us about it, submit an entry form here.
Entries are due August 2, 2013. Winners will receive a small prize and Winners will recieve a $2000 honorarium and be invited to present at a summit on Reclaiming Open Learning at UC Irvine on September 26-27, 2013.
For more info, including judges' names, go to the official site here.
Read the complete article on the Huffington Post:

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