Assessing Learning

From Zythepsary via Laura F. Hilliger: 


Marking achievements within the learning process serves to motivate and inspire learners, as opposed to demotivation because of a single assessment at the end of the program. This is also something we’re starting to do (check out Open Badges and this year’s Digital Media and Learning Competition). In addition, showing the pathway a learner takes, where along the pathway a learner stumbled, what a learner did to acquire a certain skill or complete a certain task – these things allow an outside observer to gain insight into how the learner got from point A to point B and who the learner might be as a result of the path he/she took.

I think that because of the education revolution that’s happening at the moment, because of our fortitude in helping them acquire skills for today’s world, learners are beginning to gain a greater understanding not only of the material presented but also of the act of personal growth. Our new assessment practices have to lead to learning as opposed to effective regurgitation. Learning is, and always was, a process.

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