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The 6th Digital Media and Learning Competition – Playlists for Learning – offered development grants of 9 months ranging from $25,000 to $125,000. Winning teams designed connected learning playlists that provide viable alternatives to traditional learning pathways while scaling experiences and content to diverse local and digital audiences. Winners became part of an innovative community of thought-leaders, academics, practitioners, educators, designers, technologists, and media artists who led the transformation of curriculum design and learning for the connected age.

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Trust Challenge: Building Trust in Connected Learning Environments

With the opportunities of connected learning come challenges to create and maintain trust in constantly changing digital environments. In an open online world where data sharing can enhance learning opportunities but privacy and safety must be protected, effective connected learning environments require systems, tools, and policies that foster trust for networks of learners of all ages as well as for parents, mentors, and educators.

Trust, privacy, and safety are critical to learning in an open online world. How can learners exercise control over who sees and uses their data? What tools do they need to navigate, collaborate, and learn online with confidence? What solutions will foster greater civility and respect in online learning environments? How can open technical standards create more opportunities to share and collaborate online in a spirit of trust?

The Competition awarded $1.2 million to institutions and organizations that tackle these questions in real-life learning contexts. The DML Trust Challenge is now closed.