Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof

Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof

In Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof, LittleBigPlanet™ players must escape from the Proof family's century-old mansion by solving a series of puzzles using geometric reasoning. With puzzle mechanics driven by geometric theorems, students will convert geometric concepts from the classroom into active knowledge through collaborative play inspired by precision learning.

Team members:

Kan Yang Li — Project Lead

Kan Yang Li is a full-time game researcher in the school of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. With separate degrees in Interactive Design, American Art History and Design and Technology, his research focuses on promoting game as a new medium for communication. He also does research and designs digital games for two labs, the first one is the Gaming SMALLab at Q2L, there he works with teachers, curriculum specialists, and wellness experts to create educational games that incorporate system thinking, embodiment, collaboration, and multimodality. The second one is PETlab, it is lab of rapid prototyping. There he and his fellow researchers process massive amount of data using principles of game design, and then turn the data into a step-by-step and easy to understand activity or game for youth.

Albert Dang — Project Collaborator

Albert Dang is a game producer and designer who has created games for online and mobile platforms, as well as big, social games for conferences and events.  In addition, he has also developed K-5 educational, multi-media simulations and applications for web and CD-ROM.

Stephanie Tang — Project Collaborator

Stephanie Tang is a game, graphic, and interactive designer from Parsons the New School for Design who is addicted to awkwardness and games. Prior to becoming a designer, she was a conference manager for the Game Developers Conference summits and GDC China.