Our Community Our Environment Digital Media Lab

Our Community Our Environment Digital Media Lab

Our Community, Our Environment (OCOE) is a 6-day program designed to engage students organized into teams of five who will create a mobile application that increases community awareness and use of local natural resources. The entire process is youth driven and adult guided.

OCOE uses the connected learning approach by supporting participants as they learn about their community and its unique character to become digital ambassadors for their neighbors and the community at large.

Participants will work together to design and publish their own unique blog and mobile application utilizing research, images and video footage they create while in the program. They will learn to express their ideas in clean prose as well as create and deliver presentations based on their experiences throughout the program. Our program model incorporates youth development goals to ensure participants are in an environment that is safe, structured, with a sense of belonging and membership.

OCOE taps into the young persons established use of technology and social media which they currently engage in through social networking, internet usage and school curriculum. Incentives include Chromebooks for the winning app to be judged by a panel of community members and IT professionals.

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