Creatures Classified! An exploration of cataloging creatures across the galaxy.

Creatures Classified! An exploration of cataloging creatures across the galaxy.

In this Spore™ adventure, fifth and sixth graders, acting as "intergalactic speciologists," learn how to collect and organize scientific data and employ the scientific method to classify living things. Armed with a science field journal, players must navigate progressively more complex and challenging planets, collecting data, and classifying the myriad species they encounter based on the evolutionary and physical characteristics of the creatures.


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Spotlight interview with Mathew Powers

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Creatures Classified Team:

Executive Dean: EAD Anthony Faiola

Professors - Roles:

  • Mathew A. Powers – Principle Investigator (P.I.) Assistant: Haidan Huang

Roles: Chief organizer of entire project. Head of game-design, testing, implementation, and distribution. Head of character design and asset creation. Spokesman for game and overseer of all main/supplemental grant projects. Will run the production class in MARLA during the Spring 2011 semester.

  • Clint Koch – Co - P.I. Assistant: Xian Guan

Roles: Head designer of initial game animatic. Overseer of 3D production and asset design. Chief of exporting assets created in spore into Maya and using them to create the animatic.

  • Jennifer Stewart – Co - P.I., Assistant: Callie Archibald

Roles: Pre-production and initial media/project campaign plans creator, as laid out and created by Informatics class. Playtest organizer and chair of supplemental field guide creation.

Student/Roles (primary, secondary):

All Students: Game Design/Asset creation/Playtesting

1. Brian McKinley – Spore Research/Art
2. Dara Berry – Programming
3. David Ewers – Spore Research/Art
4. Dean Verleger – Programming
5. Dustin Ostrum – Animatic
6. Greg Oppman – Animatic
7. Jackie Crofts – Art
8. Jake Richardson – Animatic
9. Joel Bergman – Animatic/Programming
10. Josh Eckert – Art
11. Kristina Williams – Documentation: Writer
12. Nate Moody – Art
13. Philip Langhammer – Animatic/Music & Sound Effects
14. Russell “Bud” Washer – Animatic
15. Stacia Lowery – Documentation: Photography & Video

Secondary Personnel and Assistants:

1. Thomas Marshall – Alumni, Founder of the IGVDA, Art consultant
2. Dr. Ofer Levy – School of Education Contact and Education Consultant
3. Elizabeth Whitejefferies – Middle School Art Teacher and Instructional Designer, Field Guide and 5th Grade consultant
4. Kim Melluck – IUPUI Director of Technology and Facilities Planning
5. Geoff Coryell –Technical Support
6. Dave “Disco” Phelps – Technical Support
7. Dave Tauriainen – Technical Support