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Pinterest as Textbook Replacement

Pinterest as Textbook Replacement

Kris Belden-Adams wrote a blog over at Art History Teaching Resources which discusses her decision to do away with a required and very expensive textbook for the Art History survey courses she teaches (Renaissance to Modern). Instead, the course is now using a WordPress site with Pinterest supplement for key images. The Pinterest page also functions as the study page for the assessment of graduating seniors. 

Pinterest as a visual-based learning tool can be very effective, and it is both beautiful and functional in this Art History example. It can also be wonderful as a link despository for any number of courses. Instead of a survey edition for a literature course, a Pinterest board can link to all the texts and articles that are required. Pinterest boards need not be public and can be group-based to enable collaborative and peer-to-peer learning, too.

With so many free online resources, expensive textbooks are less and less relevant. I would love to hear if you are using Pinterest in your classrooms too, and what your students think about it.






Thanks for posting! I have just started using Pinterest for Language Teaching and found so many beautifully created materials.

WordPress looks like a great way to start blogging, but it is new to me. Could anybody point to tutorials or suggestions for the first-time users? I know some people that activally use it but it involves a lot of coding.



Actually, WordPress is not too hard once you get started. I've used it for several classes and even had students create their own WordPress sites. Once you work figure out the basics, it's fairly intuitive. And you don't need to know how to code. The site's main interface is designed for non-coders. Of course, if you know how to code, you can customize the site more to suit your needs, but it is not necessary. There are already plenty of options available without coding.

Here's a tutorial to get you started:


Olga -- would love to see what you are doing with Pinterest. I think it could be a great resource but is a bit underused in education right now. 

I agree with Nicole that WordPress could be used without knowledge of coding (though you can supplement it with coding). I use WordPress for some sites I manage, but my personal blog is on Blogger. When I'm learning new tech skills I like watching videos that show step-by-step on screen how to do things, and there are a lot of free videos on YouTube for WordPress that you may want to look at for starting out.


Nicole and Lisa,

Thank you. I think I am going to start  including intersting HASTAC's blogs on my Pinterest board!