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Kelp with Sand, Monterey Bay, CA

This summer I decided to work on creating more themed units for my students. For example, sunflowers one week and kelp the next. When I taught students who were considered twice exceptional (i.e. gifted and special needs) math and science we had so much fun with themed units. My co-teacher Amy Rollo and I had a unit on whales that went along our Voyage of the Mimi. With each theme we would think of cool ways to introduce each topic. With whales, we had whale sounds playing when our students entered the classroom then we asked the kids what they thought the theme would be. 

This summer, I have be taking a lot of photographs of the giant kelp that washes up on shore. It has inspired me.

As you may know from my previous post, one of my goals this summer is to have one of my art works accepted for a gallery. That is one of the requirements in my application process for joining a local art association. I guess you could say, I'm in search for a new tribe. I want to grow.

With that, I applied for an exhibit that will feature all kinds of borders. The theme is called Open Seas. As such, I entered a couple works. Afterall, kelp is a floating boarder. I researched online and read a lot of fascinating things about kelp. It is actually quite cool. Then I thought, well, what if I tie my art interests in with my lesson planning this summer and then I can feel like I'm not goofying off as much. 

Anyhow, I wrote a poem this morning about kelp for my students. Thought I'd share. It is a bit quirky, but I thought it was fun. Take good care and happy summer!

Kelp in Black and White, Monterey Bay, CA




Leafy floating borders

along the coastline,

they canopy the jellies

all squishy as they glide.


The seahorse father

gives birth to his young

with the birds soaring high

above making shadows in the sun.


Buoyant bubbles

keep this forest afloat,

with wondrous leaves

shimmying as the sea’s living coat.








Thank you, Mechelle. 


Thank you so much, Cathy!! Have a great day!! :)