Boston: Purple Blurb @ MIT, with talks by Steve Meretzky, Jesper Juul, Jason Scott

From Nick Montfort:

The Purple Blurb series of readings of, talks on, and discussion about digital writing is continuing at MIT this Fall 2008. This semester is a gamey one, and features three speakers who bring a variety of perspectives to how writing and digital media intersect.

All talks are on Mondays at 6pm, but please note that the first of three is *not* in the Trope Tank (14N-233), our usual location for Purple Blurb.

Steve Meretzky
6, 6pm, 32-141

Meretzky, an alumnus of MIT, was the most prolific author at
the most successful interactive fiction company, Infocom.
The work he did there included writing Planetfall, A Mind
Forever Voyaging
, and Leather Goddesses of Phobos as well as
collaborating with Douglas Adams to develop The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy
. Meretzky has worked at Legend
, Boffo Games, and WorldWinner. He is currently
at Blue Fang Games.

Jesper Juul
October 27
, 6pm, 14N-233

Juul is a video game theorist and author of Half Real: Video
Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds (MIT Press,
2006). He is also a video game developer, and in this capacity
he created High Seas, a casual matching-tile game with a
narrative frame. Juul is currently a lecturer in the Program
in Writing and Humanistic Studies; he works at the
Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab.

Jason Scott
November 17, 6pm, 14N-233

Scott is a documentary filmmaker whose work includes BBS: The
Documentary and a film about interactive fiction, Get Lamp,
which is now in post-production. In addition to making films,
Scott maintains the main archive of textfiles (plain-text
documents) as they appeared on computer bulletin board systems
in the 1980s and early 1990s. He also blogs about digital
media topics on ASCII.

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Thanks for posting, Whitney! As luck has it I may be in Boston on 10/27 and will definitely check this out if I can.