Fiona's response; also, need someone to take on a leadership role.

Hi gang,

Here's Fiona's response to our proposal:

Hi Joe,

This is all awesome. I think you might be thinking TOO big. Focus on something that you can accomplish as a group, within the time frame of this year.

Where do things stand now? Are you setting up a posting or writing schedule?

I’d like you to get a schedule sorted out by the end of the week. Otherwise the semester will be over in a flash and you won’t have finished the project. Pick something and run with it. We need one or two people to take a lead here.


That said, I'm unable to volunteer as leader for this, as I've already taken this mantle on for the social media group.  Anyone willing to help push this along?  I think Tiffany mentioned a skype/hangout meeting?


I'm so sorry to have been absent from the discussion so far. I had a baby right before the holidays, and now I'm finally catching up on all the good stuff I haven't been able to get to. Thank you for all the wonderful project ideas and for communicating with Fiona.

I'm in the Dept. of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm generally interested in how places are formed rhetorically, how narratives about space and place draw on and impact material conditions, and how these narratives travel through media ecologies. My dissertation focuses on the Imagine Austin initiative, a 30-year plan for the city's development.

I'm free to meet this week pretty much any time except Friday after 12:30. I look forward to discussing the scope of our project and to setting a timeline.




I can skype tomorrow, Wed after 7pm EST or Thursday before 1pm EST. Would that work for you (and others)? I know our scheduling is totally complicated since we're busy let alone existing in varied time zones.

I'm glad to hear about your dissertation, Megan, as geographical narratives are essential in providing contextual relationship between the physical and conceptual. I wanted to touch on our last thread about "what is geography," where Joe and Tiffany brought up really good points about each of us working under different facets of space and place. It seems that if we are to feasibly complete a group project, we should utilize that fruitfulness of what we've already explored: our discussion of "what is geography." (After taking a break from it, I realize that there are already some useful content in there!) We could take it a step further, and follow through with our idea of a "how to," where each member would blog about a tool (or methodology) that they've used (i.e. MapBox, Neatline, etc.) -- with pros and cons. This blog/contribution could serve as a useful resource for someone else's future research in various areas of geography. Down the line, once everyone has contributed their project/tool/method, we can assess an appropriate interface for it -- maybe it stays as HASTAC blogs, or it could be an infographic (dare I say.. a map)? But for now, I think the most important thing is to generate the content: the how-to posts.

I know that I'm probably regurgitating the essense of our last thread, but I wanted to present it again as a viable direction that we can take immediately. What do you guys think?

Looking forward to our discussion -- hopefully via skype!