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Open-Access, Online Feminist Journals

Hi Everyone:

Would folks be interested in helping me put together a list of open-access, online, peer-reviewed feminist journals?  

I'd like to put a list together so those of us interested in feminist research and scholarship are aware of some of the publishing outlets available. I'm particularly interested in open-access journals as they embody a feminist spirit of openness and sharing.

I'll get the list started. Feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment; I'll then add your recommendation to the list. (If you can include the link to the journal you're sharing, we'd appreciate it!):



Hi Moya,

I like that idea too!  Are you interested in creating a new thread/post for these journals?  :)


it will take a moment for me to get to it but anyone else should feel free to go with it!


Hi Jacquie,

Thank you for sharing; I've added these to the list!  Also, do you know if the nomorepotlucks journal is peer-reviewed?  It was hard to tell from the website.

Thanks again!  :)

Lori Beth


Great idea, Lori Beth!

A couple more that come to mind are (open-access, although not expressly feminist per se but definitely publish feminist, queer, postcolonial and other critical traditions):


fibre culture







Wonderful idea. Though, I don't think Fibreculture is technically a feminist journal. Or, at least, they aren't an explicit one. 

Anyway, here's a list of 14 open access feminist-oriented journals. 



Hi Trent,

Thank you for sharing.  I ferreted out the journals in English (although we can certainly add non-English language journals if folks are interested) as well as the one's I could find a working link to.

By the way, I didn't know about the DOAJ. That's a neat resource!


Lori Beth 


I think the journal Genders is still open access as well, peer-reviewed and published online only.


Hi Rebecca,

Would you mind sharing the link to the journal?  Thanks!


Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice


Thank you for sharing, Susanne.  I've added this journal to the list.


I wonder to about open source/access queer and Black studies generals, too. What a great idea!


Hi again Lori Beth,

I would say that nomorepotlucks is curated, but not explicity peer-reviewed in a traditional academic sense. However, I think that is also part of a feminist ethic and questioning the hierachies and power structures that feminist, open-access publishing is working tot break open.

We also discussed this issue in-depth among the Fembot Collective relative to Ada and landed on the need to recognize institutional expectations and barriers, while not endeavouring to reproduce them but rather to renegotiate them.

Love the list. Thank you for your efforts here.






Medieval Feminist Forum is an open-access (as far as I know), feminist, online, double peer-reviewed journal. We publish twice a year. It's a journal that is run and supported by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship.



Dorothy Kim 

Secretary, Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship




Hi Dorothy,

Thank you for sharing this journal. (Which by the way is really neat!)  I've added it to the ever-growing list.

Lori Beth 


Hi all:

Tessera (1984-2005)  fits into your category and can be found here:


Anna St.Onge



Hi Anna,

Thank you for sharing this journal!  From the Tessera website, I ran across the Canadian Woman Studies journal, but regrettably it is not open-access.

Thank you again for sharing,

Lori Beth 


Hi All:

FYI:  I've added a few more journals to the list. 


This is a great resource, Lori. Thank you for putting it together!


What a great resource!


Thank you.


What a great resource!


Thank you.


Hi Magdalena,

I'm glad you find it helpful!  Feel free to add to the list. 


Lori Beth 


The Directory of Open Access Journals is probably the best place to look for Open Access journals, you could also try Open Humanities Press, is an open access publisher of books.

I very much love what the folks at punctum books are doing—publishing Open Access books and journals.

Lies—a journal of materialist feminism isn't explicitly Open Access, but they do offer PDF downloads of their print journal for free (what Fuchs and Sandoval call the "Diamond Model of Open Access").


Hi Paul,

Thank you for the recommendation.  I've added the journal to our ever-growing list.

Lori Beth 


Hi Lori Beth! 

Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory is still published through Taylor & Francis but we've started posting articles from each issue open-access to our website



This is an excellent idea and a wonderful resource.  I'll do some looking tonight, and see if I can find any to add to the list!


Thanks for letting us know, Liz.  I'll add Women & Performance to the list. Also, I dig the journal's website--very cool!

Jordan: I'm so glad you appreciate this resource; please feel free to send along any additional resources/journals you run across.  :)

Lori Beth 


Hi Folks,
I just added another journal—Genders—to the list.  Be sure to check it out!
Lori Beth 

Hi Everyone,

I just added the journal Feral Feminisms (what an edgy name!) to our ever-growing list.

Remember: if you run across an open-access, online feminist journal, please let me know so I can add it. You can either 1.) post a comment here or 2.) tweet it to me @lbdehertogh

Lori Beth